About Us - Company Profile

About Us - Company Profile

About Us - Company Profile

Al-Madina for Finance and Investment Company K.S.C (Public) was established in 1980, and was registered as an investment company under the Central Bank of Kuwait in 2005. The company was dually listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2006, and on DFM (Dubai Financial Market) in 2007.

The Company’s current activities are focused around Direct Investments, Funds Management, Portfolios Management, and Financial Services with its key interest in the MENA region. Al-Madina Group executes its investment operations in accordance with Islamic Shari’a laws and principles.

By the end of 2016, the Company’s capital reached to KD 40,706,523 distributed among 407,065,230 shares with a nominal value of 100 fils per share.


Our Services

Our Services - Investment & Portfolio Management

Such activity consists of managing and investing clients’ portfolios on Kuwait Stock Exchange according to a medium-term strategy which is based on studies and analysis in selection of good stocks compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a, in various market sectors in order to diversify the investment.

Investment Portfolio Categories:

  •  Portfolios managed by the Company: based on Company’s recommendation and vision in regards of sale & purchase.

  •  Portfolios managed by Clients: based on Client’s recommendation and vision in regards of sale & purchase.

  •  Portfolios under Custody: The Company offers custodian services for Clients according to their needs.

Management’s main activities:

  •  Taking decisions in buying and selling financial securities.

  •  Possession and registration of shares for ease of portfolio management.

  •  Receipt and Delivery of cash and securities resulting from portfolio management.

  •  Representing portfolio owners in the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies.

  •  Collection of bonus shares and dividends distribution.

  •  Providing clients with monthly reports representing the portfolio position and performance and any other required information.

Create & Design your own Portfolio

  •  The “Portfolio Creation & Design Program” is based on allocating investments in the market by using various financial indicators, in which according to it we create a List of Companies for rating them. Such indicators can be determined according to what we consider to be appropriate, which allows us to select companies in a logical manner by profits in the last three years for instance.

  •  Such List is determined in accordance with Islamic companies and are compliant with Islamic Sharia’a and also listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange, such List shall be updated to suit market changes and updates.

  •  The List includes various financial indicators considered essential in creating and designing an investment portfolio, and so, based on such indicators funds shall be allocated among companies. Financial indicators, such as:

  •  Historical total growth rate of earnings per share.

  •  Return on Equity.

  •  Beta.

  •  Liabilities / Assets ratio.

  •  Price / Book Value ratio (Multiple).

Allocation Mechanism:

After collecting required data regarding the mentioned indicators, the client determines the variable indicators and the maximum investment exposure in a single share, and then selects the shares to be included in forming the portfolio at different percentages according to the standards set by the client. Later on, the program automatically distributes the available funds among the stocks that have been selected according to the weighted criteria and comparing it to the securities in the List. In the end, we shall have a portfolio of different stocks that have been selected in accordance to a specified financial data and indicators, and a comparison between all stocks in order to select the best stocks.

Advantages of Designing the Portfolio:

  • Selection Effectiveness.

  • Diversity among different stocks.

  • Risk mitigation.

  • Allocation according to financial indicators.

Al-Madina Company provides both services of portfolios management by the Company and by the Client, through professional team of portfolio managers possessing vast experience, who work closely with investors to develop an investment strategy designed to maximize returns while ensuring liquidity levels set by clients.


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Our Investment

Our Investment

·         Real Estates sector:

o   Projects within State of Kuwait:

§  Khairan Sea Lagoons of Al-Khairan Pearl City:*

·         Khairan Sea Lagoons (phase one) – 124 Residential villas

·         Khairan Sea Lagoons (phase two)– 108 Residential villas

·         Khairan Sea Lagoons (phase three)– 88 Residential villa

o   Projects outside State of Kuwait:

§  Jeddah City Project – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Integral residential and commercial city)

·         Telecommunication Sector:

o   Investments in State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates

·         Financial Instruments sector:

o   Investments through shares and stocks (that complies with the Islamic Shari’a law) trading in Boursa Kuwait and Dubai Financial Market




للأسئلة والرسائل الرجاء 

Head Office

الشرق – برج بهبهانى – الدور 16

ص.ب : 2799- الصفاة – 13028 – الكويت

هاتف :  22252207
فاكس :  22411337