Company Activities


  1. Investments in real estate, industrial, agricultural and other economic sectors through contributing in establishing specialized companies or by buying shares or bonds of these companies in various sectors.

  2.  Managing public and private institutions’ funds, and investing these funds in various economic sectors, including financial and real estate portfolio management.

  3.  Providing and preparing studies, technical and economic consultations, and studying investment projects. And conducting necessary studies for institutions and companies.

  4.  Financing facilities brokerage.

  5.  Conducting special tasks related to placement managers of  bonds’ issuance by companies, organizations and institutions, and tasks related to investment trustee management

  6.  Finance and mediation in international trade operations.

  7.  Granting funds to others in various sectors taking into account the financial safety principles while maintaining the company’s safe financial position in accordance with the conditions, rules and limits set by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

  8.  Dealing and trading in the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market in Kuwait

  9. Executing specific operations related to trading in securities consisting of buying and selling shares and bonds of corporate, governmental, local and international institutions.

  10.  Providing all services that assists in developing and strengthen the financial and monetary market in Kuwait, and its ability to meet its needs, within the laws, procedures and instructions issued by Central Bank of Kuwait

  11.  Mobilization of resources for financing by means of Al-Ijaara (leasing) and arranging operations for co-financing leasing operations, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it is not allowed to accept deposits.

  12.  Investing its funds in various aspects of investments approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait and mainly financing by means of lease which requires the ownership of transferrable and non-transferrable assets and their lease. Of course, this does not include financing purchases of consumer goods.

  13.  Owning industrial property rights and patents, commercial and industrial trademarks, commercial graphics and literary and intellectual property rights related to programs and literature, and exploiting and leasing them to others.

  14.  Establishment of investment funds for the company and others, and placing their issues for subscription, and acting as investment trustee and manager for investment and financing funds locally and outside Kuwait in accordance with the applicable laws and decisions effective in the state of Kuwait.

  15.  Portfolio Management, and Funds Investment in leasing operations for the company and others in accordance with the applicable laws and decisions in the state of Kuwait.